Knight Dragon

What we do

From the vision to the detail, the opportunity to the execution, we think globally and act locally. An expert local team is key, with an international perspective to keep innovating.


Urban Development

Our international team has completed urban developments in London, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the USA. Our flagship project is Greenwich Peninsula in London, where we have already delivered 1 million sq ft in one of Europe’s largest single regeneration projects.

Cultural Regeneration

Regeneration is about more than bricks and mortar. We understand its many facets from the tangible to the nonmaterial, and harness the power of culture, art and design to create community. With 2,000 pioneers already moved in to London’s largest regeneration, Greenwich Peninsula, we see how the power of creativity fosters sustainable communities.

Development Management

With a track record of property development across four continents, we offer a full property development management service. We deliver both mixed-use property and estate infrastructure covering the whole process from land acquisition, planning, architect selection and detailed design through to marketing, point of sale and customer service. Plus all the magic that happens in between.

Interior Design Service

When it comes to interiors we see both the trends and the timeless principles. Strong design adds value to any project. We are adept at identifying the right talent for the right project, pulling in the world’s best interior designers, as well as having an in-house interior design team with international experience in both residential and commercial interiors.

Related Enterprises

In the course of our business we are constantly seeing opportunities; the gaps that exist, the alternative routes you could take. From new types of estate agency to neighbourhood digital platforms, energy systems and estate management, we love to maximise these opportunities and have the resource, expertise and appetite to do just that.

Some past projects

A couple of our favourite London projects are featured below. They are our favourites because they’re the ones that shifted things, shaped the future or changed an entire part of a city.

The Knightsbridge

The Knightsbridge in London took the prime West End lifestyle to another level. Winning Residential Development of the Year in 2006, this game-changing project was conceived and delivered by our founder Sammy Lee, working closely with Dr. Henry Cheng. Drawing on his global perspective, Sammy was the first to introduce to London the premium service-led lifestyle that is now seen as standard. With in-house spa, business centre, valet and concierge by The Hyatt, The Knightsbridge set a long-term trend that many others still follow today.

Renaissance Chancery Court

The redevelopment of the Chancery Court Hotel resulted in its being voted amongst the Top 100 Luxury Hotels in the World. Sammy spearheaded this development, which paved the way for the later re-creation of the hotel into the five-star Rosewood by the Cheng family. This move became a catalyst for the revitalisation of the area of London to the east of Oxford Street now known as Midtown, creating a new destination for the area and a newly revived neighbourhood for the capital.

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